LSO’s annual Young People’s Concerts are orchestra programs in which nearly 5,000 fourth and fifth graders attend a one-hour concert at the Lied Center for Performing Arts in Lincoln. We work in cooperation with individual schools to provide bus transportation to and from this event. Teachers are provided with lesson plans to incorporate into their classroom curriculum in the months before the event. In many cases, these students’ experiences with Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra are the first opportunity they have to listen to a live symphony orchestra.

LSO’s 2018 Young People’s Concert, “Carnival of the Animals,” will be held on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 11:00am at the Lied Center for Performing Arts.

You may apply to the Nebraska Arts Council’s School Bus Arts Grants program to receive funding to assist with the cost of transportation. Applications are due at least four weeks prior to the field trip and are reviewed on a first-received, first-funded basis until all available funds are awarded. Please call the NAC in advance of applying to determine funding status. On average, you will be notified regarding your award within two weeks.

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Madcap Puppets
Edward Polochick, conductor

Have you ever seen an elephant ballet? Or encountered giant sea creatures in a submarine? Look no further! Madcap Puppets and LSO will bring the animal kingdom to life with shadow puppetry, comical characters, and Saint-Saens’ classic The Carnival of the Animals.

Please note that the Madcap Puppets troupe has made some minor tweaks to the featured animals for this production:

Movement 2: There is only one hen.

Movement 3: A fly will play the role of the “swift animal”.

Movement 7: A submarine will be used to dive deep into the ocean, where there will be fish and an octopus.

Movement 8: This movement will introduce a donkey.

Movement 9: This movement will introduce two cuckoos.

Movement 10: The two cuckoos from Movement 9 will turn into “light birds”, which are reflected shapes.

Movement 11: This movement will be about pianos, but hand puppets will make up the imagery of this movement.

Movement 12: The fossil bones come to life as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. (It is mentioned multiple times throughout the show that the puppet sidekick wants a T-rex featured during the show.)

Movement 14: During the finale, the T-rex from Movement 12 escapes into the audience!



Each set of lesson plans is by no means something you must use in preparation for our YPCs. These were created by the following LPS Music Teachers: Angie Berkebile, Laura Keller, Megan O’Brien, Sheryl Parde, Nolan Schmit, and Dr. Tena Whiston.

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Completing these benchmark surveys helps LSO compile data for fundraising purposes. Thank you for your help collecting this important information! Follow-up surveys will be sent following the performances.