When I was a kid, everyone was listening to rock and roll. Something about Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller grabbed me. That sound of the trombone. It could be sweet and melodious or it could cut through the band. I knew from the beginning that is what I wanted to play when asked in grade school. It was in college when orchestral playing started to become my passion. A Chicago Symphony recording of the Janacek Sinfonietta is what sealed the deal with me. To this day, that recording gets to me. I cherish the times I spent studying with Chicago Symphony trombonist Frank Chrisafulli and the CSO rehearsals and concerts he was able to get me into. Wonderful period in my life. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Lincoln Symphony.

Moving this year back to the Lied Center has been a breath of fresh air. It has re-energized my desire to perform with the orchestra. To me, it actually feels like I’m going to work. It is such a beautiful, responsive hall and is an honor to perform in. Honestly, after teaching high school bands and orchestra 8-10 hours a day you sometimes feel like what else can I give? But knowing that I have a symphony rehearsal or concert that night fires me back up.

I also feel the orchestra has responded in the same manner. The excitement that is present on the stage is intoxicating and quite catching. Performing with the Lincoln Symphony has never been what one could ever call boring. But now, it’s more exciting than ever!! Performing in one of the best halls in the country to a near full house? Life doesn’t get much better!!