I started playing violin when I was 3.  My brother played cello and my sister played violin, as did my mom. My mom was also an orchestra teacher. Believe it or not, I hated to practice (ironically, like so many of my students do now!).  I’ll never forget Halloween 1985; I was six.  My mom asked me to practice my violin and I threw a temper tantrum because all I wanted to do was put on my costume and get candy.  In my rage, I swatted my bow over the side of the bed and broke it.  Oops.  I got to tell Dad too. About 2 months later I asked my mom if I could play violin again and she said, “Absolutely not!…But you can play viola.” That’s when I made the switch.   I maintain that this was in her grand plan all along because she finally got her Quartet…the Frey-Family-Quartet.  Have no delusions, we were no “Von Trapps.”I eventually ended up at a summer music camp where I met Clark Potter (LSO principal viola). One year later I was sitting at home contemplating college on a snow day (okay, so I was playing a videogame with my brother) and the phone rings.  It’s Clark Potter!  He tells me that he is new to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and would like me to come out and audition.   A month later I did and received a scholarship to study music with him.  Clark has a special place in my heart because he became a surrogate father of sorts for me while I was at school (how lucky I am to still play professionally with him).  In the spring of 1998, Maestro Polochick’s first season, I auditioned for 3rd chair viola and thus began my career with Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra.  I live in Omaha now and get a lot of questions regarding my choice to continue to make the drive 5-10 times a month for LSO.  I don’t think there is anything better than to give back to the community that has been a surrogate family for me; the Lincoln community and the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra!  Thank you!