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My name is Michael Swartz and I have been deeply involved with LSO since 1971 (believe it or not).  I played with the LSO in my senior year in high school before I left to attend the Eastman School of Music in Rochester New York.  I spent several years away but returned in 1980.  I have been principal bass in the […]

“It can be easy sticking to a comfort zone of music we already have heard a lot, but with today’s democratized access to music, we also have the option of seeking out new music at every turn. Cellist Justin Lepard believes that a sense of adventure exploring all the music that’s out there in the world is one of the greatest paths […]

I am the Hixson-Lied Professor of Clarinet at the Glenn Korff School of Music UNL I enjoy reading, going antique shopping with my husband, and finding “treasures” for my clarinet figurine collection. My most memorable LSO (I have been a member since 2002) experience was September 2010’s opening season concert. This concert was especially meaningful to me as I had […]

I love collecting and listening to vinyl records, and adore my cat Tuna. I travel as far as central Missouri and the Twin Cities to play with musical ensembles all across the Midwest. My mother is a pianist and vocalist so I grew up in a musical house. I had a teacher hand me a viola instead of a violin when I was […]

I am an Elementary Instrumental Music Specialist in Omaha Public Schools. In addition to music I love golf, working out at the Y, camping, hiking, fishing in the mountains, and traveling. I chose the clarinet because the friendly Lyons Band Instrument Company rep. from Chicago told me I was well suited for that instrument when I was a 5th grader […]

 I started playing violin when I was 3.  My brother played cello and my sister played violin, as did my mom. My mom was also an orchestra teacher. Believe it or not, I hated to practice (ironically, like so many of my students do now!).  I’ll never forget Halloween 1985; I was six.  My mom asked me to practice my violin and I threw […]

When I was a kid, everyone was listening to rock and roll. Something about Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller grabbed me. That sound of the trombone. It could be sweet and melodious or it could cut through the band. I knew from the beginning that is what I wanted to play when asked in grade school. It was in college […]